Fishers Island For Black Lives

Who We Are

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arberylike countless others before them, have led our country to another moment of reckoning with our history of deeply ingrained racism and our institutions that systemically devalue and destroy Black lives. Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented call-to-action that has already resulted in meaningful change in communities nationally. 


We have launched this site to enable reflection, learning, and action in defense of Black lives and against racism in all its forms. We hope to create a space where the Fishers Island community can connect and collaborate to support this movement. We welcome all to join!


We are not leaders and educators in this fight, but rather will follow the lead of Black organizers, activists, and educators who have dedicated their lives to dismantling barriers around diversity, equality, inclusion and access. 


Our aim is to speak out in support of Black lives, raise awareness of issues surrounding systemic racism and advocate for change. As part of this vision, we commit to providing opportunities for the Fishers Island community to: 


  • Build Community through shared resources and events for members of the community to gather and discuss long standing issues of racial inequality.

  • Promote Awareness through education on systemic racism to inspire community members to recognize their individual and collective power to dismantle racist systems and practices.                                                                        

  • Take Action on both the local and national level to make meaningful change in service of those that are directly affected by systems of oppression.

We want to be an inclusive space for our entire community. Everyone on island is welcome to participate together, with respect & understanding. Thank you. 




Email us at 
Or chat with us in person (while wearing masks!) over baked goods at the Fishers Island Community Center Saturday Market