Letter to the Community

August 19, 2020

Dear Fishers Island Community,

At a recent gathering of Fishers Island for Black Lives on the ballfield, a young driver in a passing car full of people shouted “F**k Black lives”, “F**k that”, and gave the finger to those who had gathered. This follows other incidents. Community members have spoken ill about the public acknowledgment of the murders of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. Signs supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have been stolen and vandalized. The person who drove by the ballfield felt comfortable shouting racist and hateful remarks. This person feared no repercussions, nor did those who vandalized signs. Although there were no Black people at the gathering, we are speaking out because our relatives and friends of color are harmed by actions like these on Fishers Island. We ask, do these incidents shock you? If you are shocked, we need you to be vocal. It is not enough to say, “I would never do that”. We need you to actively denounce racism in all its forms – the overt and the casual, the interpersonal, and the systemic. Racism on this island, which affects the people of color here on a daily basis, cannot be fought in silence. We call on you – all members of our community – to speak out against racism. We invite you to join us in education and action. Together we can change what is happening on Fishers Island and wherever else you call home. Thank you, Fishers Island for Black Lives



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