Market Update 6/14 - The North Star Fund

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

We raised $770 for the Let Us Breathe Fund at North Star Fund, an organization that was instrumental in repealing 50A & works on police reform. Thank you all. We love to see so much support from everyone on Fishers. Thank you also to friends from far away who have pitched in. Especially @bespokebrooklyn whose handmade masks were best sellers.

More on the Let Us Breathe Fund, in their own words:

The Let Us Breathe Fund is the only NYC-based fund led by and for Black communities organizing around police reform and building Black liberation. We started the Fund in 2015 following the death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD. The Fund provided rapid response in that crisis moment and now supports the long-term leadership of Black New Yorkers fighting police violence and structural racism.

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing in Minnesota and its devastating similarity to Eric Garner’s death, communities across NYC and the nation are marching under “I Can’t Breathe” banners in unprecedented protests against anti-Black racism and police violence.

Historic moments like these require an ecosystem of groups to make demands and to implement transformative change. We cannot predict what will develop by the time these protests end. What we hope is that the challenge we seek to address—building and sustaining a deeply underfunded Black-led organizing infrastructure in the City—will have new champions, including you.

We started the Let Us Breathe Fund as a call to action to New York philanthropic entities to build specific, long-term commitments to Black-led organizing and social change that confronts racialized capitalism. Years later, still less than 5% of philanthropic dollars are invested in social justice movements. Far less is committed to Black-led organizations led by community members most impacted by injustice.

This must change. The catastrophic crises of this year demand it. We must fully and robustly resource the leadership and creativity of emerging Black activists to reshape our city. We invite you to join us.